Handbooks | September 2020



Handbook: Consolidation

The new KPMG in-depth consolidation guide, covering variable interest entities, voting interest entities and NCI.

Angie Storm

Angie Storm

Partner, Dept. of Professional Practice, KPMG US

+1 212-909-5488

Michael Republicano

Michael Republicano

Senior Manager, Dept. of Professional Practice, KPMG US

+1 212-872-7816

Using Q&As and examples, KPMG provides interpretive guidance on consolidation-related accounting issues in applying ASC 810.


  • Companies that present consolidated financial statements
  • Companies with interests in variable and/or voting interest entities

Relevant dates

  • Effective immediately

Report contents

  • Scope
  • What is a variable interest?
  • What is a variable interest entity?
  • Who consolidates a voting interest entity?
  • Who consolidates a variable interest entity?
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation procedures
  • Presentation and disclosure
  • Not-for-profit entities, entities controlled by contract, combined and parent-only financial statements
  • Expected losses and expected residual returns

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