FRV Weekly – May 11, 2020

FRV Weekly reports on COVID-19 including a KPMG podcast, updated Hot Topics, and other news from the SAPWG and the SEC.

KPMG’s May 11, 2020 FRV Weekly newsletter. Summary of the latest news, analysis and insights from FRV.

Report contents

  • KPMG's one-stop shop for coronavirus-related reporting considerations
  • KPMG Financial Reporting Podcast: Financial assets
  • Updated: Lender accounting for COVID-19 loan modifications
  • Updated: Customers' accounting for cloud computing arrangements after adopting ASU 2018-15
  • CPE webcast on May 28, 2020: Impairment of nonfinancial assets
  • CPE webcast on May 13, 2020: EPS back-to-basics refresher
  • SAPWG exposes COVID-19 and TALF program guidance
  • SEC releases COVID-19-related FAQs
  • International Financial Reporting Standards

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