Defining Issues | February 2020

FASB proposes new requirements for NFP gifts-in-kind

Proposals aim to increase transparency over presentation and disclosure of contributed nonfinancial assets by not-for-profit entities.


Proposed ASU

  • All not-for-profit entities that receive contributed nonfinancial assets

Relevant dates

  • Comments due on proposed ASU by April 10, 2020

Key impacts

  • Contributed nonfinancial assets would be presented in a separate line item in the statement of activities.
  • These contributions would be disaggregated by type in the notes, and the following disclosed for each category:
    • Qualitative information about whether the contributions were or are intended to be monetized or used
    • Description of the programs or other activities in which the contributions were or are intended to be used, if applicable
    • Any donor restrictions 
    • The valuation techniques and inputs, including the principal (or most advantageous market), if significant. 
  • The amendments would be applied on a retrospective basis.



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