Defining Issues  |  August 2019

FASB proposes effective date deferral for long-duration contracts

The FASB has proposed amendments related to the effective date for long-duration contracts: targeted improvements. The proposed ASU would defer the effective date for all entities.


All companies within the scope of ASU 2018-12 on long-duration contracts

Relevant dates

Key impacts

For calendar-year-end reporting companies within the scope of the ASU on long-duration contracts:

  • For SEC filers, excluding ‘smaller reporting companies’, the effective date would be January 1, 2022.
  • For SEC filers that are eligible to be ‘smaller reporting companies’, non-SEC filers and all other entities within the scope, the effective date would be January 1, 2024.
  • A company’s determination about whether it is eligible to be a ‘smaller reporting company’ would be based on its most recent filing determination in accordance with SEC regulations as of the date the proposed ASU becomes final. 

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