Issues In-Depth   |   June 2018

Abandonment and subleasing under ASC 842

KPMG supplements our Handbook, Leases to address a lessee’s accounting when ceasing use of an underlying asset (or portion thereof) through abandonment or sublease. The guidance includes Q&As and examples, addressing some of the complexities of applying ASC 360 and ASC 842 in these scenarios..


Applying the new leases standard

  • Lessees applying ASC 842

Relevant dates

  • Relevant upon adoption of ASC 842

Key impacts

The Q&As and examples deal with the following scenarios:

  • What constitutes an ‘abandonment’ of an ROU asset
  • When a lessee should reassess its ASC 360 asset grouping in an abandonment or sublease scenario
  • How to account for full and partial abandonments of an ROU asset
  • How to account for the sublease of a portion of an underlying asset

Report Contents

  • The concepts
  • Abandonment of the entire ROU asset
  • Abandonment of a portion of the ROU asset
  • Sublease of a portion of the underlying asset

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Spotlight on contributors

Scott Muir
Partner, KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice

Julie Santoro
Principal, KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice

Ryan Withers
Senior Manager, KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice



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