Defining Issues | October 2017

SEC proposes changes to Regulation S-K

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KPMG reports on the SEC’s proposal to modernize and simplify disclosure requirements to reduce the burden on companies, including small companies conducting IPOs. Key changes proposed by the SEC would impact MD&A, the description of property, exhibits and confidential information, incorporation by reference, and the manner of delivery and tagging of coverage page data. 


SEC Release Nos. 33-10425; 34-81851; IC-32858

  • Public companies, including registered investment companies and registered investment advisers

Relevant dates

  • Comments are due within 60 days of the proposed rule being posted to the Federal Register

Key impacts

The proposed rule: 

  • Updates, streamlines and simplifies disclosure requirements by eliminating duplicate or immaterial disclosures;
  • Incorporates changes since the rule was adopted; and
  • Leverages technology to enhance access to information

Report contents

  • Applicability
  • Key facts and impacts
  • Other changes
  • KPMG comments on other proposals



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