Defining Issues | February 2017

FASB amends EBP master trust reporting

KPMG reports on the EITF consensus, codified by the FASB as ASU 2017-06. The ASU clarifies how employee benefit plans will present and disclose investments in master trusts.


ASU 2017-06

  • A reporting entity (e.g. defined benefit plan) that reports under plan accounting guidance

Relevant dates

Mandatory effective dates and early adoption provisions:

Effective date:

Annual periods – Fiscal years beginning after

Early adoption allowed?

All entities

Dec. 15, 2018


Key impacts

  • Present the plan's interest in the master trust and the change in that interest in separate line items in the statement of net assets available for benefits and the statement of changes in net assets available for benefits, respectively
  • Disclose the total master trust investment amounts by general type and the dollar amount of the plan's interest in each general type of investment
  • Disclose the master trust's other assets and liabilities and the dollar amount of the plan's interest in each balance
  • Disclose the net appreciation (depreciation) in the fair value of the investments of the master trust
  • Describe the basis used to allocate net assets and total investment income to the plan
  • Remove investment disclosures about 401(h) account assets to be provided in health and welfare benefit plan financial statements

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