FRV podcast: Fair value sale restrictions insights

We discuss ASU 2022-03, which clarifies that contractual sale restrictions are not considered in fair value measurements.

John Barbagallo

John Barbagallo

Managing Director, Dept. of Professional Practice, KPMG US

+1 212-954-7258

Robin Van Voorhies

Robin Van Voorhies

Senior Director, Dept. of Professional Practice, KPMG US

+1 617-988-5637

Micah White

Micah White

Senior Manager, Dept. of Professional Practice , KPMG US

+1 314-244-4013

Podcast overview

KPMG professionals discuss ASU 2022-03, which will change practice for how certain entities consider sale restrictions in their fair value measurements.


  • All entities with investments in equity securities measured at fair value that are subject to a contractual sale restriction

Podcast contents

  • 00:50 – Background
  • 02:35 – Key provisions
  • 03:30 – Unit of account discussion
  • 04:05 – Effective date and transition
  • 05:15 – Different transition guidance for investment companies
  • 06:25 – Steps to take now