Accounting for foreign currency matters

Webcast overview

KPMG’s webcast on accounting for foreign currency matters. KPMG professionals provide a high-level overview of the accounting for transactions denominated in a foreign currency, and for operations undertaken in a foreign currency environment.


  • Companies that have transactions denominated in a foreign currency
  • Companies that have operations in a foreign currency environment


  • Functional currency determination
  • Foreign currency transactions

Translation of foreign currency financial statements

Webcast available as CPE-eligible self-study

This live webcast has also been converted to a CPE-eligible self-study and is available for a nominal fee through KPMG Executive Education. This self-study is also mobile-compatible. If you did not attend the live webcast, but are interested in earning CPE credit for participating in this webcast, visit KPMG Learning

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Featured speakers

Mahesh Narayanasami

Mahesh Narayanasami

Partner, Audit, KPMG (US)

Danielle Imperiale

Danielle Imperiale

Executive Director, DPP, KPMG US

Sandra Bakaysa

Sandra Bakaysa

Director, Dept. of Professional Practice, KPMG US

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