New revenue and leases standards for real estate companies
New revenue and leases standards for real estate companies

New revenue and leases standards for real estate companies

Webcast Overview:

KPMG examines real estate specific issues when implementing the new FASB standards on revenue recognition, other income and leases. We will go beyond the general models and focus on individual matters relevant to real estate companies.


ASU 2014-09, ASU 2016-02 and ASU 2017-05

  • Company that is in the real estate industry
  • Company that is a real estate lessor


  • Scope and summary of the new standards on revenue and other income
  • Derecognition and measurement matters specific to real estate entities
  • Scope and summary of the new leases standard
  • Frequently asked questions about identifying and allocating to lease and non-lease components and other matters

Webcast available as CPE-eligible self-study
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Angie Storm

Angie Storm

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Nick Burgmeier

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Sam Hall

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