Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a CPE and an archived webcast?
A CPE webcast is a live event that is eligible for CPE credit to qualified participants. After the live event, the webcast is archived and is available for playback. Archived webcasts are generally not eligible for CPE credit, unless specifically indicated.

How do I register for a CPE webcast?
On the FRV home page, on topic pages and throughout the site you will see articles about upcoming CPE webcasts. Click the article about the webcast and then on ‘Register Now.’ After you register, you will receive a registration confirmation with instructions about how to access the event.

Is there a fee for attending a webcast?
There are no fees to register or attend a live webcast.  However, most of our webcasts are converted to CPE-eligible Executive Education self-study courses which require a nominal fee.

What are the eligibility requirements to receive CPE credit?
CPE eligibility requirements are included in the Administrative slide of every webcast and are reviewed by the moderator at the start of each event. You must be present online for the entire event and answer the minimum required number of questions for that event: three questions for events that qualify for 1 CPE credit, and five questions for events that qualify for 1.5 CPE credits.

When and how will I get my CPE certificate?
CPE notification is issued via email to all qualified participants.  Please allow 12-24 hours post-event for certificates to be posted to your profile. Certificates can be accessed directly through the KPMG Learning portal.

Can I join a CPE webcast that is already in progress?
Yes. You can access a CPE webcast at any point during the broadcast. However, to receive CPE credit, you must also meet the CPE eligibility requirements.

Can I access a webcast that I missed or go back and listen again?
Yes. You can access archived webcasts the same way that you access CPE webcasts – from the FRV home page or from the various topic pages throughout FRV. From the webcast article page, click the ‘Launch Replay’ button. Archived webcasts are not eligible for CPE credit.

Can I qualify for CPE credit if I listen to the webcast only on the phone?
No. You must participate in the live event and answer the questions to qualify for CPE credit.

How can I download the presentation slides?
You can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF to your desktop from your media player within one hour of the event’s scheduled start time by logging onto the webcast and clicking the ‘Event Resources’ tab.