Accounting for income taxes
Accounting for income taxes

June 18, 2019 | CPE Credits: 8.0

Optimizing Accounting & Finance with Advanced Excel

KPMG Chicago Office | Chicago, IL


CPE Credits: 8.0

KPMG hosts a one-day seminar on excel for accountants and finance professionals. The seminar covers advanced excel material with all examples tailored to accounting and finance.


  • All companies

Date  June 18, 2019

Location  Chicago, IL


  • Build common accounting and finance schedules efficiently using transpose and shift aspects of Excel
  • Automate and condense schedules using SUMPRODUCT and ARRAY functions
  • Make schedules flexible to incorporate multiple scenarios using LOOKUP and OFFSET functions
  • Collect and select user data through use of formatting, Data Validation, Spinners, List Boxes, Sliders, INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET, and INDIRECT functions
  • Perform what if analysis using DATA TABLES and PIVOT TABLES
  • Design more efficient spreadsheets using effective planning and various Excel features
  • Stress testing the future cash flows using SOLVER and GOAL SEEK



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