MD&A Disclosures Workshop San Diego
MD&A Disclosures Workshop San Diego

May 10, 2019 | CPE Credits: 8.0

MD&A Disclosures Workshop: San Diego

KPMG San Diego Office | San Diego, CA


CPE Credits: 8.0

KPMG hosts a one-day seminar on MD&A developments. This seminar will focus on key MD&A developments, including SEC guidance on non-GAAP disclosures, the SEC Disclosure Effectiveness Project, SEC releases, comment letters, speeches, and disclosure best practices with a focus on expanding and improving the effectiveness and compliance of MD&As.


  • A company that files with the SEC

Date May 10, 2019

Location  San Diego, CA


  • Overview of Management's Discussion and Analysis Requirements
  • Review and Analysis of Underlying MD&A Releases
  • Critical Accounting Policies and Estimates
  • Analysis of Example MD&As on Key Topical Issues
  • Goodwill Considerations
  • Cash Flow Disclosures
  • Impairment Testing Disclosures
  • Non-U.S. GAAP Financial Measure Disclosures
  • Common Practices in Drafting Guidance
  • Required Trend Disclosure
  • Forward-Looking Information
  • Trends in SEC Comments



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