November 8-9, 2018 | CPE Credits: 16.0

Accounting for income taxes – Nov 2018 NV

| Las Vegas, NV


CPE Credits: 16.0


Filed under: Expenses, Income taxes

KPMG hosts two-day seminar on accounting for income taxes.  KPMG helps you apply ASC 740 through a combination of lecture, discussion and examples to clarify the concepts and procedures.


  • All companies

Date November 8 – 9, 2018

Location Las Vegas, NV


  • Permanent vs. taxable and deductible temporary differences and how they affect the effective tax rate
  • Difference between taxes payable (refundable), tax contingencies, deferred tax liabilities (assets) and tax disclosures
  • Taxes and other comprehensive income
  • Tax credit carryforwards and tax loss carryforwards
  • Common sources of permanent and temporary differences
  • Valuation allowance for deferred taxes
  • An introduction to tax contingencies
  • Interim period taxes for quarterly reporting
  • Deferred taxes and business combinations, share-based compensation and foreign operations

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